Jacksonville Texas Roof Repair

Porch Roof Repair

Nothing is more enjoyable and relaxing than sitting on your front porch watching your kids at play. Or maybe just the wife and you watching the sun go down drinking a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

The porch is an important addition on any home. It shelters you from the hot sun in the summertime and keeps you dry when it’s raining out. And consider the porch swing, it wouldn’t be a porch swing without the porch. It would only be a swing.

The porch is a pleasant and comfortable place for visitors to wait patiently for you to come to the door after they ring the doorbell. It’s also a nice place for UPS to leave the packages you ordered from Amazon if you don’t happen to be at home. And for the young at heart, the porch has seen more “first kiss” scores than any other place known.

So if the porch is that important then it only makes sense that you will want to keep it in great shape. Keeping your porch from leaking during rain and snow storms should be as important as the interior of your home. No one wants their packages on the porch to get wet from water leaking on them. And you certainly don’t want your first kiss to get drowned out.

There are a number of reasons your porch may leak. First you need to determine if your entire porch roof needs to be replaced or just a problem area that can be patched or repaired. Most homes get the porch shingles replaced when the rest of the home’s roof is being replaced, perhaps from a hail or wind storm. We can handle most roof repairs and porches can be a big problem.

One of the reasons a porch roof may leak is poorly installed flashing. Flashing can also rust and allow moister to seep through. If this is the case the flashing should be replaced. Flashing often has roofing sealant covering it in certain places. This roofing sealant can get old and crack or split and allow water to seep through. The old sealant may need to be cut away with a utility knife and new roofing sealant applied where needed.

Other problem issues may be missing shingles that need replacing. Replacing shingles are usually a quick fix. Just lift the shingle above the one missing. Remove any nails that might be protruding, once the nails are removed slip the new shingle in and nail it down. Then lower the shingle you lifted earlier back down and put a little sealant on it and press it down.
Another problem may be an area where there is rotted wood. If this is the case the rotten wood should be removed and new wood put back in its place. If there is rot and it hasn’t been addressed, it will only get worse.

Lastly, inspect your gutters to make sure they are operating correctly. Make sure they are flowing and free of any debris. Also make sure the gutter supports are strong. They should not allow water to overflow onto the eves of the house. You may call us for your free general maintenance program and we'll help you with your gutters with no charge.